Chris DuPont ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Kris Herrmann

Residence: Ypsilanti | Genre: Indie-folk, Chamber

Label: Not on label | Most Recent Release: Fragile Things (2023)

Bio: Chris DuPont is an independent singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who has lived in Michigan since he was 15 years old. His dreamy indie-folk soundscape explores the realms of love, grief, religious questioning, and the frailty of human memory, though he is certainly not afraid to push his sound in new directions. With experiences as both a member of metal bands and as a Catholic music minister, he has made music at opposite ends of genres throughout his decade-plus career. DuPont makes his softer, folk music on the side while playing louder rock music through his session work to scratch his love for louder rock music. Speaking of live music, he also released a sonic love letter to Southeast Michigan called “Live in A2” in 2017, recorded at The Ark and Solid Sound Recording Co. in Ann Arbor.

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