The Tosspints ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of The Tosspints

Residence: Saginaw | Genre: Celtic-Punk, Folk-Punk

Label: East Grand Record Co. | Most Recent Release: The Privateer (2015)

Bio: Formed with brothers Don (guitar, vocals) and Zak Zuzula (bass, vocals), along with drummer John Johnson, the trio has accomplished a lot over the band’s ruckus existence. The band has opened for the Dropkick Murphy’s in Boston, became a finalist in the 2011 international John Lennon Songwriting Contest‘s rock division, and was named a band to watch in 2011 by Buzzbin Magazine. Their experiences of growing up as working-class, Irish Americans and Don Zuzula’s Iraq War veteran status influence their music, with many of their songs covering war, politics, drinking, and tales of tragedy. They have released four albums, their last in 2015, though they did play as recently as 2021. After he released his first solo album in 2019, Don Zuzula challenged himself to write 100 songs in 2021, which he uploaded to YouTube.