The Accidentals ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Andrew Mullin ~ 107one ann arbor

Hometown: Traverse City | Genre: Indie-Folk, Bluegrass, Rock

Label: Sony Masterworks | Most Recent Release: Time Out (2023)

Bio: This band traces its origins all the back to Traverse City West High School in 2011, when Katie Larson and Sav Buist teamed up for a class orchestra project. They started releasing albums while they were still in high school with percussionist Michael Dause, who joined in 2014. Dause left the band in 2023, and Katelynn Corll joined to make their current lineup. Their blend of indie folk, rock, classical, bluegrass, and pop has garnered attention from major record labels, though they continue releasing music independently. They gave a great send-off to the Sonic Lunch concert series in 2023.