Tanager ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Tanager

Hometown: Ypsilanti | Genre: Dream-Pop, Alternative Rock

Label: Not on Label | Most Recent Release: Hz Donut (2018)

Bio: This Ypsilanti alternative band formed in the early 2010s, and finds an entrancing middle ground between dream-pop and shoegaze. The lush music of Tanager features dreamy soundscapes, without ditching fuzzy guitars. Elly Daftuar (guitar, bass, and vocals) Rishi Daftuar (guitar), and Mary Fraser (drums) make up the project, releasing their first full-length album “HZ Donut” in late 2018. The band has not gone silent though, with their Facebook page confirming that they are working on their next studio album, with “Haunted” serving as the lead single. Outside of music, Elly Daftaur works as associate director of media design and production for the University of Michigan.