Tally Hall ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Tall Hall

Hometown: Ann Arbor | Genre: Alternative, Power-Pop

Labels: Atlantic Records, Quack! Media | Most Recent Release: Good & Evil (2011)

Bio: With irresistible melodies, fun lyrics, and a wacky sense of attitude, Tally Hall knew how to grab a listener’s attention! The core of the band was comprised of Rob Cantor (guitar, vocals, percussion) Joe Hawley (guitar, vocals, percussion), Zubin Sedghi (bass, vocals) Andrew Horowitz, (keyboards, percussion, vocals), and Ross Federman (drums, percussion), all identified by different colored ties. The band released only two albums: “Marvin’s Marvellous Mechanical Museum,” in 2005 (re-recorded in 2008), and “Good & Evil” in 2011. The members also show off their humor through short video sketches, music videos, and the “Tally Hall Internet Show.” While they have not released an album since 2011, they continue to be a force across multiple platforms. Their fans are loyal and insatiable, constantly asking: “Is a third album coming?” It’s hard to say, with all the members having moved on with separate, successful lives, including multiple solo projects under different aliases. However, they are still listed as an active band, so anything could happen…