Lily Livers ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Mullin

Residence: Metro Detroit | Genre: Punk, Pop-Punk

Label: OUTLOUD! Records, Hey Pizza Records | Most Recent Album: Sunny Side Up (2021)

Bio: It would be hard to find a catchier set of pop-punk hooks in Michigan than in the songs by the Lily Livers. This gang of four Michigan punks claim to make “ugly music for ugly people,” though the band’s sincerity and commanding use of melody is anything but. Comprised of Fishi (vocals and guitar), Justin LaBrie (guitar and vocals), Tyler Anxiety (bass and vocals), and JuJu (drums and vocals), has released two full-length albums and two EPs since forming in the mid-2010s. Their lyrics tend to lean in on the sillier side, as heard on songs like “Googly Eyes” and “Hide from the Boogeyman,” but these songs are guaranteed to be left in the listener’s head immediately after hearing them. For anyone longing for the sounds and snotty attitudes of 90’s punk, the Lily Livers should not be passed up!