Chris Bathgate ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Misty Lynn Bergeron

Residence: Pinkney, MI | Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter, Alt-Country

Label: Quite Scientific Records | Most Recent Release: The Significance of Peaches (2022)

Bio: Born in Iowa and raised in Illinois, University of Michigan alumnus Chris Bathgate has been releasing music since 2005, with about a dozen albums and EPs to his name in total! Aside from a brief stint in the group Descent of the Holy Ghost Church, Bathgate has largely made music as a solo act, focusing on crafting personal and raw indie folk tracks. His 2007 album, “A Cork Tale Wake” and his 2008 EP, “Wait, Skeleton” gained him attention across the country, which he built upon during the 2010s. Bathgate played at SXSW at least three times and was featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert in 2011.