Carmel Liburdi ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Andrew Mullin

Hometown: Detroit | Genre: Indie-Folk, Alternative

Label: Not on label | Most Recent Release: Linwood (2023)

Bio: Carmel Liburdi has been told by fans that her music sounds like “If Norah Jones grew up listening to punk rock.” It is hard to find a better way to describe her music, because while Liburdi’s sound sways from indie-folk with a ragtime twist, to fuzzy alt-rock, her attitude and lyrics often are accompanied by the wit, emotion, and humor found in punk music. Liburdi has been creating music out of the Detroit area since 2010, with a prolific music catalog that showcases her dedication to the craft. Some topics her lyrics touch upon are the pains and turmoil of love, sexuality, economic struggles, and even her dreams. In 2023, Liburdi was a runner-up in the fan vote for WDET’s Detroit Tiny Desk Contest, reaching the top five out of over 110 artist submissions. Outside of her music, she also makes art and clothing, which can be viewed and purchased through her website.