Anna Burch ~ Made in Michigan

Photo: Courtesy of Chloe Sells

Hometown: Detroit | Genre: Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock

Label: Popvinyl Records | Most Recent Release: If You’re Dreaming (2020)

Bio: Anna Burch was already touring and recording music by the age of 18, starting with the bands Frontier Ruckus and Ann Arbor-based Failed Flowers. She would continue to write her own songs following grad school in 2014, with her first solo release coming a couple of years later in the form of a split single with fellow Detroit musician Stef Chura. Burch’s wispy, relaxed indie-pop sound balances her emotional lyrics, drawing from her various inspirations like Elliot Smith, Fiona Apple, and Alvvays. She has released two full-length studio albums, with the most recent, “If You’re Dreaming,” coming in 2020, though the COVID-19 pandemic postponed touring for the record.