Breeders Release Version of “Divine Hammer” With J Mascis At the Mic


Sept. 22, 2023 ~ In a clash of 90’s alt-rock icons, The Breeders unveiled a version of their classic track “Divine Hammer” with Dinosaur Jr. frontman J Mascis taking helm at the vocals.

Aptly named “Divine Mascis,” the track was recorded in 1993 when the Breeders were making their seminal album, “Last Splash,” with the band including the variation in the album’s 30th anniversary. The band invited Mascis to play guitar on the track, but got something more.

At the time, J Mascis was a guitar god… we sent him the tape to put guitar on, so when it came back and he’s got rid of our voices and just put his vocal on, we were like, ‘Wha?!’” Kelley Deal said in Uncut. “But it’s really cute. There’s a freshness to it, and it’s just so weird. I like his voice and the idiosyncratic way he sings and delivers lines. So I thought it was really neat.