Depeche Mode Goes Psychedelic (Furs)

Not only did Depeche Mode get help from Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs on “Ghosts Again,” he co-wrote three other songs on Memento Mori.

Gore told NME that working with Butler came because of the pandemic. “Richard reached out to me around April 2020, just texting to say ‘We should write some songs together.’ I asked for ideas and he sent me a few lines, so I put those to music and we started sending them back and forth.”

Gore continued, “We ended up writing seven songs. We didn’t like the first one, but the other six were so great that I thought it would be a bit of a waste to put them out as a side project. They just wouldn’t get the same sort of exposure as they would if they were put out by Depeche.”

Gore says that the other two songs he and Butler wrote that Depeche Mode recorded will be released later this year. Memento Mori is due out Friday.

They performed “Ghosts Again” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Take a look: