BREAKING: Radiohead Still Exists

Phillip Selway says Radiohead fans shouldn’t be worried that the band is done even though its been seven years since their last album and they all are working on outside projects.

Selway just released his third solo album, Strange Dance. Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood are touring this summer with their project The Smile. Ed O’Brien is working on his second solo effort and Colin Greenwood has been doing shows with Nick Cave.

Selway told Stereogum that “Radiohead’s the umbrella, if you like. What Radiohead does is very much the pole that’s holding up the umbrella, but all these other projects come underneath it as well. And it’s just fascinating seeing how we all operate in different musical collaborations. It’s fascinating getting that wider sense of each other’s musicality in that way.”

He added, “The band still very much exists, and we get together quite often and talk about potential future plans. But I mean we’ve been going nearly 40 years as a band. I think it’s really healthy that we have these periods away from it. When we do something again together, we know it will be for the right reasons, and it will have that kind of enthusiasm and excitement about doing it.”