The Strokes Are Sticking Together

Albert Hammond Junior thinks The Strokes could keep going well into their 60s.

In an appearance on The Shaky Experience podcast, Hammond was asked if he could see the band lasting another couple of decades. He replied, “I definitely could. I wouldn’t have thought about it a long time ago – and these are the kind of things you never know – but I could totally see us actually just not stopping.”

He added, “And that doesn’t mean that we’re just playing big shows, even if we kept going and didn’t want to tour much later and we just made weird records or did soundtracks together. There’s just something that feels like that’s what we’re here to do.”

Hammond also confirmed that the band went to Central America with producer Rick Rubin to work on their next album. “It was really cool to go back to the studio with him after The New Abnormal won a Grammy. There’s no secret agenda. We were recording in Costa Rica. I have no idea of any timelines…But the exciting thing is, there is stuff that we’re working on.”