Hozier Issues New Single, And Is Almost Done With His New Album

Hozier has a new video game-related single out — and he’s close to done with his third album.

The video game track is “Blood Upon the Snow,” a song he did with composer Bear McCreary for God of War: Ragnarok. Hozier tells Consequence that while he didn’t get to play the game to get some inspiration, “I sat down just for a chat with the game’s director, Eric Williams. And so…I actually had quite a bit to go on, which was super helpful, because it would have been sort of shooting in the dark without that.” The track is on YouTube now.

As for third album, Hozier says, “We’re just entering the mixing stages, or in some cases, finalizing the mixing. So I’m glad to be here and it’s been wonderful. I’ve enjoyed the process a lot this round.”

He adds that for this album, he explored co-writing with other people for this first time  “For me, writing had always been a very isolated experience, sitting down with an instrument until you feel something and just following that vein, and chasing that vein if you strike it. But on this record, being able to jam with musicians, such talented musicians that I’ve had the honor of working with on this round, has been super, super fun and fulfilling.”