New Album Update From Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews says the new Dave Matthews Band album is mostly done, he just needs to “get my [crap] together” to get it finished.

In a recent interview, Matthews said that “I think we have a great record” and that “essentially we have to just put it in the bag and send it out into the world.”

Matthews admitted that he’s been the one that’s been holding it up by coming up with more material. “I’m really psyched about it, but every time I walk into the studio and we’re listening to mixes, I say, ‘Ooh,’ and then, you know, there’s another little song.”

DMB debuted four new songs in 2021 — “Walk Around The Moon,” “Madman’s Eyes” and “The Only Thing” — and those tracks have been getting played throughout this summer’s tour. The last Dave Matthews Band album was 2018’s Come Tomorrow.