Iman Opens Up About the Thin White Duke

Iman has opened up about David Bowie, who she refuses to call her “late” husband.

In an appearance on the Today show and an interview with People magazine, she insisted that she will not remarry and that Bowie will remain her husband for life.

The supermodel and activist brought Today‘s Hoda Kotb to tears as she explained how she wanted her new fragrance, Love Memoir, to “have a bit of him.”

She called the cologne a “tribute to love — eternal love, eternal devotion” and said she thinks, “At the end of the day, at the end of our days, the only thing we have if we are lucky is our memories.” She believes that those are “the thing that we will have and will sustain us after the person passes away.”  

She gets more specific in her People cover story this week when she notes that she “found by creating this fragrance, remembering David and being in the house, it just somehow eased my grief and I came through it.” 

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