Alanis Not Down With the Doc

The Alanis Morissette documentary Jagged has its world premiere Tuesday at the Toronto International Film Festival, but according the Washington Post, Alanis won’t be there and it’s uncertain that she’ll do any publicity for the HBO film when it airs on the channel in the fall.

That info comes from a source who isn’t authorized to speak about it publicly, according to the Post. The paper also conjectures on whether Morissette’s possible beef with the movie might be tied in with a segment in which she opens up about being the victim of sexual abuse and even statutory rape when she was a teenage pop star in Canada.

The paper reports that Morissette says in the film that she’s never broached the subject before, and that it took her “years in therapy to even admit there had been any kind of victimization” on her part. She remembers always saying that she’d consented to the sex, but then was reminded that she’d been 15 at the time and “you’re not consenting at 15.” Finally, she came to realize that those men “were all pedophiles. It’s all statutory rape.”

Alanis doesn’t name names, but she takes the music business as a whole to task for not paying attention to her whenever she brought it up.

The article theorizes that by not attending the film’s premiere she’s sending a message that she’s not getting behind it. Director Alison Klayman wouldn’t speculate about Morissette’s feelings and hoped that “there will be other opportunities in the future for her to come to film events.”

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