Brandi Carlile’s New Memoir is Out Today

With her memoir, Broken Horses, set to be published today, Brandi Carlile appeared on Good Morning America yesterday and spoke not only about the book, but about the status of her next album, which she revealed is totally done.

She describes what will be her seventh studio solo album as “very dramatic” and described her vocals as being “over-the-top, and I’m a pretty over-the-top singer, so that’s really saying something.”

She also told the story of how her daughter Evangeline actually came up with her memoir’s title, explaining that Evangeline had been asking for a horse “damn near since she could talk, but I always tell her it’s too expensive.”

During a discussion about the title, Evangeline asked her, “Mama, if you were so poor when you grew up, how could you afford to have a horse?” She replied, “Well, I couldn’t. I was given broken ones.” And Evangeline said, “Well, your book should be called Broken Horses… I swear to God, that’s exactly how it happened.”

She’ll be on Stephen Colbert tonight.

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