Billie Eilish Likes The Sound of Her Own Voice

Unlike a lot of artists, Billie Eilish doesn’t mind listening to her own music — in fact, she likes it, she really likes it.

The singer, who just dropped the powerful new single “Therefore I Am,” tells Apple Music that she’s definitely a Billie Eilish fan. She says, “Since I first started making music, even my friends, they’d be like, ‘You listen to your own… What?’ Yeah. Why would I want to make music that I don’t love?”

Billie went on raising expectations about what’s new with music, saying, “Especially the album that we’re making right now, it’s all I want to listen to. When I’m in the car, it’s the first thing, I’m like, ‘Oh, I want to listen to this.’ I just genuinely love it. Like whether or not it’s me, I just love it. So yeah, it’s a good thing. You should love what you make.”

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