B-52s: Guest Starring in Archie Comics

The B-52s are the latest legendary rockers to interact with the Archies comics characters.

In the stand-alone issue Archie Meets the B-52s #1, Archie, while interning at Riverdale’s local TV station, is assigned to a variety show on which The B-52s will be guest stars. During the story, Archie picks up and plays the late Ricky Wilson’s guitar and proves talented enough to perform with the band.

Founding member Kate Pierson tells Rolling Stone, “I guess a lot of people have seen us as comic book characters because we have such a graphic image with giant hair-dos and powerful clothes.” She adds that the band’s “good sense of humor…lends naturally to a comic book portrayal.”

After last year’s 40th anniversary tour, The B-52s will be the subject of a documentary and are looking at ideas for a possible Broadway play.


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