The Police : Manning Sting’s …Ship

The Police will have a reunion on Wednesday, but only one of them will be performing.

Sting tells Billboard that he’s expecting his two former bandmates, Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland, to be on hand for the official L.A. premiere of his musical The Last Ship at the Ahmanson Theater that night. The show, which stars Sting, has been in previews there for the past week.

Asked whether the three get along, Sting replied, “Yes, absolutely,” though he admits that they “fought before like cats and dogs when we were a band, because it was like a brotherly thing.” He says he now enjoys the freedom to do exactly what he chooses and not have to “follow a band ethos”…”look like the rest of the band” and “think the way they do.”

Sting was also asked if he could see himself as the subject of a bio-pic like Rocketman or Bohemian Rhapsody. He answered, “Absolutely not.” He says he’s telling his own story through metaphors in The Last Ship, which is “about me.” He says he’s in the play “in many ways — probably more than I intended to,” and that the character he plays is built on composites of people like his father, uncles and people he was brought up with.” He says he prefers to tell his story the way he wants to, rather than “somebody going, ‘What’s the arc of Sting’s life?’ I haven’t finished it yet.”

And yes, he does say he can “absolutely” see The Last Ship becoming a movie.

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