Coldplay: Save the Planet, Skip the Tour

If you’ve been holding your breath for word of a Coldplay tour, it might be time to exhale — the band has put those plans on hold over concerns over environmental damage.

Chris Martin tells the BBC they won’t be hitting the road in support of Everyday Life, which drops on Friday, because they think they’d be doing more harm than good by touring. He says, “We’re taking time over the next year or two to work out how our tour can not only be sustainable [but] how can it be actively beneficial. All of us have to work out the best way of doing our job…to have a positive impact.”

And it’s more than worries about the fuel and emissions. “The hardest thing is the flying side of things. But, for example, our dream is to have a show with no single-use plastic, to have it largely solar powered. We’ve done a lot of big tours at this point. How do we turn it around so it’s no so much taking as giving?”

You will have one chance to see Coldplay perform: They’re playing two shows in Jordan on Friday, and live-streaming them on YouTube.

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