Chrissie Hynde: State of the Union

Chrissie Hynde is very busy, so in an effort to keep her fans up to speed, she’s posted a lengthy note on Facebook, along with a bit of advice when it comes to travel in the U.S.

She says she’s writing for the next Pretenders album, Hate for Sale. “We have so many songs we plan on making it a double album — so get ready for a lot of new music from us.” She’s also been working on a project with English music producer and composer Marius De Vries called Valve Bone Woe. Details will be announced soon.

And in addition to working on a book of her oil paintings, Chrissie, an animal-rights activist, has one in the works on the protection of cows. “NEVER take the calves away from their mothers and NEVER kill the cows, bulls or calves. Traditional farms — small farms — are the future of life on earth. Cows are the best thing for the top soil when they are protected and treated as the sacred animals they are.”

Oh, and that transportation advice? She writes that during her last U.S. tour she “got to take the train from Boston to New Jersey. That was excellent. If you could do that all across the States, touring would be even better. Maybe one day the Yanks will re-instate the train system. I hope so.” Chrissie, a born-and-raised American who lives in England, must have caught Amtrak in the Northeast on a good day.