01/17/19 – 03/16/19 – Never Not Once at the Purple Rose

A World Premiere by Carey Crim

Directed by Guy Sanville


Eleanor, a biology major at Princeton, brings her boyfriend Rob home to meet her two moms. While there, she lets them know that she has hired a private investigator to help her find her biological father. She says, as a scientist, she is curious about her genetics. But it’s evident she might also just want to meet her dad. Nadine, her non-biological mom thinks it’s a great idea. Allison, Eleanor’s biological mom is insisting that Eleanor’s father, a one night stand in college whose name Allison doesn’t remember, never even knew she existed. Eleanor is sent on a journey to an unexpected and explosive answer to the question “Where do I come from?”

*Contains adult language & content. Not suitable for children under the age of 13.

Venue: Purple Rose Theatre
137 Park Street
Chelsea, MI
Phone: 734.433.7673

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