Keane: An Unexpected Reunion

It’s been seven years since the last Keane album, and singer Tom Chaplin is surprised that they have a new one on the way this fall.

He tells NME, “I didn’t really expect it to happen. I was off doing my solo thing and pretty happy doing that. I think all of us probably thought that we weren’t ever going to come back and do anything. It’s funny how fast things can change though.”

Chaplin says hearing the songs that keyboardist Tim Rice-Oxley had written in the wake of his marriage falling apart got things moving towards a reunion. “The songs were very sad but very beautiful by virtue of being full of this experience and this sort of depth of feeling. And so it didn’t take me long to start thinking that I should be the one to be the voice for the songs and try and get them out of there. And obviously that means a Keane record, right?”

Keane’s new album, Cause and Effect, is due out September 20th.

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