Dawes: Taylor to Follow Mandy Up the Mountain?

Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes might want to start prepping to climb some hills, because his wife Mandy Moore has an exercise-filled vacation in mind for them both.

Moore hiked to the Mount Everest base camp last month, and she told Entertainment Tonight that Goldsmith was “the first person I called and sent photos to. I was just bummed not to have him there. I wasn’t nervous and I don’t think he was nervous. We weren’t doing anything unsafe, but I just wish I could’ve shared that experience with him. So I told him we’re going to go back so he can do it. Probably not go to the top, but probably climb some other peaks in the area.”

Goldsmith seemed to be down for the trip, even though he came up with a reason to not go last month. “I had a tour date and so I think I probably ramped up that excuse ’cause I was scared. I was like, ‘Ah, guess I can’t make it.’ But she’s truly fearless. It’s no surprise. But her love of that kind of thrill, like climbing a mountain, getting to know nature, is something that I’ve learned so much from ’cause I didn’t have that and now I’m sort of inheriting it. And she takes to it so naturally.”

Dawes will play Ann Arbor’s Power Center for a 107one show on June 26th.  Tickets at www.a2sf.org


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