Sufjan Stevens May Wear A Tuxedo For The First Time

Now that Sufjan Stevens has been nominated for an Academy Award, he’s got a few questions he needs to answer — such as will he attend and will he perform his song, “Mystery of Love,” from Call Me By Your Name.

The Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter tells The Hollywood Reporter that he hasn’t been asked to sing it yet and to date has never actually performed the song live. He says he’d have to figure out how to play it and that he’s impressed by how many covers of the song are on YouTube by people who have. He cites one version, played on flute, harp and accordion, that he really likes and says that if he can’t figure out how to play it, he’ll just “hire [the guy] to perform it in my place.”

Stevens says he’s been asked by the Academy if he plans to attend and that if he can find something to wear he probably will. But he wonders, “How am I 42 and I’ve never worn a tuxedo?” He guesses he’ll “give it a try,” and says that if he can meet fellow Oscar nominee Mary J. Blige, he’d “go for that alone.”

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